Stoneridge/Sedgefield Swim & Racquet Club, Inc.

Rules and Policies 

The following policies and rules have been established for the benefit and protection of all members and guests of the Stoneridge/Sedgefield Swim & Racquet Club (SSSRC).  These rules and policies have been approved by the SSSRC board of directors, March 2019.

I.       Swimming Pool Rules

1.     Swimming is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty. Adult lap swimmers with signed waiver on file may swim outside of pool open hours, dawn to dusk, according to manager and board approved schedule.

2.     Lifeguards’ instructions must be obeyed at all times.

3.     All members and their guests must sign in each time they visit the pool.

4.     Running, pushing, wrestling, fighting, general horseplay, unsafe or unruly behavior are not allowed. Abusive and inappropriate language is not acceptable.

5.     Swimmers must wear appropriate swim attire:

·       No cut-offs;

·       Infants/toddlers/children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers and rubber/plastic pants.  Disposable diapers or cloth diapers are not permitted in the pool;

·       Appropriate swim shoes may be worn in the water

6.     Children age four and under must be accompanied by an adult while in the pool.

7.     Inflatable devices for infants and toddlers are permitted with parental/guardian supervision.

8.     Approved floats and balls are allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard. They may not be allowed if the pool is crowded.

9.     No inflatable or floating devices are allowed in the deep end of the pool.  

10.   No standing on kick boards.

11.   No chewing gum while in the pool.

12.   No food in or near the pool.

13.   No water guns or water spraying devices.

14.   No hanging, tugging or sitting on lane ropes.

15.   No diving in less than five feet of water.

16.   Diving board rules:

·       Only one person on a board at a time;

·       No hanging from the edge of the board;

·       No more than one bounce is allowed before entering the water;

·       Jump or dive straight off the board, not toward the side of the pool;

·       No swimming in the diving area when the board(s) are in use;

·       No masks, fins or flotation devices may be used when diving;

·       Members or guests using the diving board must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted.

17.   Radios/stereos are permitted only when used with headphones.

18.   No glass containers are allowed on the pool deck or upper terrace.

19.   No animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are permitted in the pool area.

20.   No skateboard or bike riding allowed on pool decks or in clubhouse

II.      Swimming Pool Policies

1.     SSSRC facilities are open to members in good standing and their guests.

2.     Children under the age of ten and any person unable to look out for themselves must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible caregiver (16 years of age or older).  A lifeguard may challenge the qualifications of the responsible person if actions warrant.

3.     Children ten years of age and older must pass a swimming test administered by the pool manager or a lifeguard before being permitted to come to the club and swim independently.  The test must be taken each year unless waived by the club manager. A parent or guardian must be present during the swim test and must provide written permission for the child to come to the club and swim independently.  The swimming test will consist of:

·       Swimming the length of the pool;

·       Treading water for two minutes;

·       Back float for two minutes;

·       Demonstration of self confidence in the water.

4.     A ten minute adult swim will be called at the end of each hour, except at 10 minutes before            closing. The following rules apply:

·       Only persons 18 years and older are permitted in the pool during adult swim;

·       All children must have all body parts out of the water; and

·       Parents/guardians may accompany children one year of age or younger in the pool during adult swim. Direct hands-on supervision is required.

5.     A designated lap lane is available upon request during the final hour of operation for the day, unless swim team is practicing.  Members may request installation of a lap lane at other times if ten or fewer swimmers are in the pool.

6.     The pool deck telephone is for emergency use only.

7.     Only authorized personnel are permitted in the guardhouse, pump room, and on the lifeguard stands.

8.     Members or guests suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the pool, and may be asked to leave the facility.

9.     The SSSRC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  A lost and found shelf is located in the clubhouse near the restrooms.

10.   Management will make every attempt to keep the pool open during posted hours of operation. However, conditions may arise which require closure of the pool.  The pool deck will be cleared and the facility may be closed under the following conditions:

·       Cool or cold temperatures; cool, rainy weather

·       For 30 minutes after each clap of thunder; 45 minutes after sighting of lightening;

·       Hail or rain showers which prevent observation of the bottom of the pool; or

·       Any other conditions that may endanger pool users or staff.

11.   Members are responsible for any bathroom accidents which they, their guest or their child cause in the pool.  Use of adult swim time for “potty breaks” and changing of swim diapers and plastic pants is encouraged.  Health department codes require that the pool must be closed for 24 hours after fecal contamination is discovered.  A $250 “clean-up” fee will be charged to the offending member.

12.   The SSSRC is a non-smoking facility.

III.      Guest Policies

1.     Members may bring non-members as guests to the pool under the following conditions:

·       Non-member guests must sign in and register at the pool sign in area. A guest fee of $5 per guest will be charged to the member’s account; I think we now register at the gate?

·       An adult member must be at the club with their non-member guests at all times;

·       Members are responsible for their non-member guests and any damages caused by the guest;

·       No more than five non-member guests may come to the pool with a member at one time; a group of six or more is considered a party and rental fees and conditions apply;

2.       Babysitters or caregivers are not charged a guest fee, but must be accompanying a member family or children.

IV.     Enforcement of Rules and Policies

1.     Lifeguards and management will enforce the rules of the SSSRC.  All members and guests are required to abide by club rules and obey instructions of the lifeguards.

2.     Non-compliance with rules may result in suspension of pool privileges.  Lifeguards and the club manager have the authority to suspend pool privileges for the remainder of the day, or longer as the infraction may warrant.  Unless the offense requires immediate action, three warnings will be issued for rule infractions prior to any suspension of privileges.  Any suspension of privileges and repeated violations will be reported to the SSSRC board of directors.  Subsequent action may be taken by the SSSRC board of directors and may include revoking an individual’s pool privilege for the remainder of the pool season.  Eviction or suspension of pool privileges for non-compliance with rules by a member or their guest shall not entitle the member to a refund of any membership fees.

3.     Policy complaints should be brought to the attention of the club manager or the SSSRC board of directors.